Gajanan Maharaj Pothi 1

Sant gajanan maharaj pothi1

Shri Ganeshayanmah! Shri Ganesha, You are famous for Your generosity and valour. O Gouriputra, all intellectuals and saints first remember You before starting any work.

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Gajanan Maharaj Pothi 2

Gajanan Maharaj Pothi
Sant  gajanan maharaj pothi2

Shri Ganeshayanamah! O lord of Rukmini residing on the bank of Chandrabhaga (river), God of Gods, Friend of the poor, kindly look at me.

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Gajanan Maharaj Pothi 3

Sant  gajanan maharaj pothi3

Shri Ganeshayanamah! O Sachhidananda Shri Hari, be kind to me as You have never been harsh to the fallen ones.

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Gajanan Maharaj Pothi 4

Sant  gajanan maharaj pothi4

Shri Ganeshayanamah! O Almighty! All Powerful God, Nilkantha, Gangadhara, Mahakal Trimbakeshwara, Shri Omkara manifest Yourself to me.

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Gajanan Maharaj Pothi 5

Sant  gajanan maharaj pothi5

Shri Ganeshayanmah. O God You are unconquerable to the foes.

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Gajanan Maharaj Pothi 6

Sant  gajanan maharaj pothi6

Shri Ganeshayanamah! O most auspicious one, it is the experience of saints that says that Your Blessings drive away everything that is inauspicious.

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